Smart Home at Bethany Children’s is introduced to local media 

Tours and demonstrations now available for all Oklahomans 

Bethany Children’s Health Center invited members of the media to tour the newly completed Smart Home on the Hospital campus. Media outlets represented included KOCO Channel 5, KWTV News9, KOKH Fox 25 and Telemundo.

Located in the Bethany Children’s Adapted Recreation and Fine Arts Center, the Smart Home was created in partnership with Oklahoma Human Services to allow Developmental Disabilities Services (DDS) waitlist families and others in the community to experience how enabling technology can improve quality of life and independence, while reducing reliance on caregivers. 

The Smart Home site at Bethany Children’s Health Center features a living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom, showcasing enabling and assistive technologies and how to use them in each space. 

See a virtual tour here

Enabling technology allows individuals to control appliances, dispense medicines and monitor for health alerts. The technologies also help individuals manage their safety with items like video doorbells, induction stovetops and grab bars. There is also task assistance software to help people with disabilities gain greater independence in managing their daily life. 

“The opportunity to partner with Oklahoma Human Services and have the Smart Home here at Bethany Children’s is a great fit for us,” explains Chief of Rehabilitation and Education, Becky Vogt. “Our mission is to maximize the potential of every child, so allowing children and families to experience what is possible for their child in the Smart Home is a meaningful addition to our Adapted Recreation and Fine Arts Complex programming.”   

With more families transitioning to DDS services, the need for caregivers is growing. Smart Home demonstrations educate families on tools and services available to them that lighten the burden on caregivers, both paid and unpaid. 

“We are committed to finding innovative ways to improve the lives of Oklahomans who need extra assistance to live independently,” said DDS Business Process Engineer Miranda Hutchison. “Resources like enabling technology and services, digital advocacy, and education are all part of the steps Oklahoman Human Services takes to support families every step of the way.” 

The Smart Home demonstration site at Bethany Children’s is available for any Oklahoman who wishes to learn about enabling technology, assistive technology and home modification to help people live safely and independently.  

For more information and to schedule a demonstration, please visit:

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