Healthy Schools Oklahoma

Mission Statement:

To promote and maintain healthy lifestyle choices in Oklahoma through preventive, community-based school health education programs for students, their families, and faculty.

Five focus areas:

  • Physical Activity
  • Nutrition
  • Tobacco Use Prevention
  • Injury Prevention
  • Oral Health Education

Community Partners

Healthy Kids Oklahoma (HSOK) has a proven record of promoting health within schools and has been widely recognized by the state legislature and endorsed by both OSDE and the Oklahoma State Department of Health (OSDH).  The Central Oklahoma Turning Point Initiative named HSOK as a “best practice model” for the State of Oklahoma. HSOK has also been recognized by the Oklahoma State Medical Association for its progress in improving the health of Oklahoma.

Thanks to our many community partners over the years who have helped Healthy Schools OK provide quality health education to so many Oklahoma students:

  • Oklahoma City County Health Department
  • Oklahoma Dental Foundation
  • Oklahoma State Department of Education
  • Oklahoma State Department of Health
  • Oklahoma State Medical Association Foundation
  • Safe Kids Oklahoma
  • University of Central Oklahoma
  • University of Oklahoma- College of Medicine

Want to be a part of HSOK?

The application cycle for elementary schools opens in February 2022!  It’s a quick application and anyone from the school can complete it. 

Please check back for more information!


  • How many reports is my school required to complete each year?

    HSOK requires one end-of-the-year report each year. It is completed online.

  • If my school is a part of Action Based Learning (ABL), are there extra requirements?

    Yes, if your school chooses to participate in ABL, there will be a few extra requirements. You will be required to pull testing scores and office referral data.

  • Do I have to fitness test all of my students?

    No, only grades 3 and up are tested. In addition, if you school has more than 200 students in those grades, you will only be required to test 50% of those students.

  • Do I have to give the survey to all of my students?

    No, only grades 4 and up are tested. In addition, if you school has more than 200 students in those grades, you will only be required to test 50% of those students.

  • Is every HSOK offered training required?

    No, only the Summer Health Institute and New School Training are required.

  • Does my school have to reapply each year?

    No, once your school is accepted into the program, you will continue to stay in as long as all program requirements are met.

  • What support does HSOK provide to my school?

    HSOK provides grant funding, curriculum, PE equipment, training, extra grant opportunities, technical assistance, Action Based Learning resources, Tower Garden resources and more.

  • Do I have to implement SPARK every day?

    No, HSOK asks you to implement SPARK twice a week. HSOK will provide SPARK to your school at no extra cost to you.

  • Do I have to implement HSOK’s Health Curriculum?

    Yes, but all of the lessons are available to you in video format. You can show the lesson at the beginning of class and be done! In addition, all lessons are short and sweet.

  • How much money does my school receive?

    Each year in the program varies, but typically between $300 – $1,000.

  • Does the PE Teacher have to be the coordinator?

    No, although we typically recommend the PE teacher, anyone from the school can serve as the HSOK coordinator.

  • Can I reach out to other schools in the program to make sure this is a good fit for our school?

    Yes, please do!

For more information, please visit or contact us.

Contact Information:

Lindsi Lemons, MPH, Director:
Casey Hale, School Health Manager:
Kym Hardin, Physical Education and Health Coordinator:

Office Phone: 405.789.6711 x2405

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