Smart Home

Click the play arrow to enter the virtual tour. Click on the large circles to move around the house, or use the arrow controls at the bottom left to move from room to room. Each smaller circle highlights a smart feature in the home. Click on them to find out more.

What is a Smart Home?

A Smart home allows individuals to control appliances, thermostats, lights, and other devices remotely using a smartphone or tablet connected to the internet.

Smart homes may include enabling technologies, assistive technologies, and durable medical equipment (DME). All of these provide individuals with disabilities the opportunity to be more independent in their homes and/or receive remote support from family members or caregivers.

Enabling technology is any technology that helps an individual gain or achieve independence in their home, community or work environments.

Smart Home Features

The Smart Home site at Bethany Children’s Health Center features a living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom, showcasing enabling and assistive technologies and how to use them in each space.

Enabling technology allows individuals to control appliances, dispense medicines and monitor for health alerts. The technologies also help individuals manage their safety with items like video doorbells, induction stovetops and grab bars. There is also task assistance software to help people with disabilities gain greater independence in managing their daily life.

The Smart Home demonstration site is available to any Oklahoman who wishes to learn about enabling technology, assistive technology and home modification to help people live safely and independently. 

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Schedule a Tour or Consultation

Explore our immersive, hands-on demonstration Smart Home in Bethany, Oklahoma to learn more about potential independent living solutions that can enhance daily lives.

This demonstration site offers hands-on exploration, which helps match individuals to needed technologies.

Individuals, providers, families and service staff will learn how technologies can be integrated into existing programs and how they can adapt their role to meet the changing needs of the individuals they support.

The Smart Home project is a collaboration between Oklahoma Human Services (OHS) Developmental Disabilities Services (DDS), Oklahoma ABLE Tech, the OHS Medicaid Service Unit Advantage Waiver Program, and Bethany Children’s Health Center.

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