Frequently Asked Questions

Coming to a new hospital can be overwhelming for both you and your child. Our team’s goal is to make your child’s transition as nurturing and comfortable as possible. Please let us know if you have additional questions or concerns.

  • What happens after admission?

    • Our team will evaluate your child and individualize a plan of care for their stay. Once the evaluations are complete, your child may participate in therapies, group activities and education classes as part of their rehabilitation.
    • Several specialists see patients on our campus. Sometimes patients need to leave our campus for tests, appointments or lab work. If your child needs to leave the hospital for any reason, we will coordinate with you.
    • Bethany Children’s Health Center does not provide ICU level care. If your child needs a higher level of care, we will refer him or her to another area hospital.
    • Patient care conferences are conducted periodically with you to discuss your child’s care, goals, and discharge plan.
  • What to expect the first day:

    • When you arrive at Bethany Children’s Health Center, a staff member will accompany everyone to the room or unit where your child will be staying.
    • A social worker will meet with you to review and complete admission paperwork. You will also create a visitors’ list and an emergency contact list with your social worker. This meeting can be in your child’s room or in a nearby family room, depending on your needs and preferences, and generally takes 30 minutes to one hour.
    • Please bring your child’s Insurance card, Social Security card, and Birth Certificate.
    • Staff will help everyone get settled. Several staff members will meet you and your child to begin the evaluation process. Your child may have an x-ray, blood work and/or a bath after admission.
    • You will meet with other team members so they can learn about your child and answer any questions. These individuals may include nurses, doctors, therapists, teachers, and dietitians.
    • The admission and evaluation process takes three to four hours, and parents or guardians are required to be in attendance during this time.
  • What to bring on the first day:

    • Your child’s wheelchair, splints, eye glasses or other personal equipment. Large equipment such as gait trainers or standers are not necessary.
    • Medications, if arriving from home, to verify home routine. Bethany Children’s Health Center’s pharmacy will fill prescribed medications during your child’s stay.
    • Clearly marked clothing, if someone will be doing the child’s laundry. Otherwise, clothing and laundry services are provided by Bethany Children’s.
    • Photos, stuffed animals, or toys should be marked with the child’s name, and will be evaluated for safety. Please remove glass from photo frames. Bethany Children’s Health Center is not responsible for any damage or replacement to a patient’s personal items.
  • How long will my child stay?

    Each child’s plan is individualized for their specific needs. Some factors may include medical stability, patient/family goals, caregiver training, home modifications, and availability of community resources. Your child’s team will work together with you to determine the most appropriate time for discharge.

  • Can I stay overnight with my child?

    Depending on your child’s rehabilitation needs, rooming-in may or may not be available. Prior to admission, we will evaluate your child’s needs and which program will be the best option for them. Several local lodging options are available for out-of-town families; feel free to contact Social Services to discuss these options.

  • How does visitation work?

    Visiting hours are daily from 8:00 am – 10:00 pm. Each child’s visitors’ list is determined by their parent/guardian. Modifications can be made to the visitors’ list at any time by speaking with a social worker. Visitors should not visit when ill (fever, sore throat, cough, runny nose). The number of visitors allowed at a time may be limited based on patient needs and/or seasonal illness prevention guidelines.

  • Can other children visit?

    Yes, children can visit. Children must be supervised by and accompanied by an adult. Visitation by children may be limited during times of seasonal illness prevention.

  • Can I call and check in on my child?

    Yes, you can call at any time. In the event of a medical emergency after hours, parents/guardians will be contacted by phone. A password will be determined during admission to allow our staff to provide child-specific medical information to callers.

  • What therapies are offered at Bethany Children’s Health Center?

    We offer physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, music therapy, respiratory therapy, pet therapy, recreational therapy, education, and child life services. Each child is evaluated for their need and appropriateness for these services.

  • What is the nursing to patient ratio?

    We have one nursing staff to every three patients in most cases.

  • Do you offer Behavioral Health Services?

    A Pediatric Psychologist and Licensed Clinical Social Workers are available to support, assess and treat patients admitted to Bethany Children’s. Referrals to community providers may also be facilitated as needed.

  • Do you have a cafeteria?

    Our cafeteria is open to caregivers and visitors. Hot meals are $4.00 and are served from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm on weekdays. Deli, salad and snack options are also available. Coffee, tea and water are complimentary.

  • Do you have internet access?

    Wifi access is available throughout our facilities. The social worker will provide you with the password at admission.

  • Can I bring balloons to the hospital?

    Latex balloons are not permitted at Bethany Children’s.

    Bethany Children’s is a latex-safe facility. Latex allergies are a serious concern that affect both patients and employees.

    Our employees maintain a high level of awareness to ensure we avoid use of latex products unless medically necessary for the care of the patient. This includes latex balloons.

    Latex balloons are not permitted on hospital campusMylar balloons are an acceptable substitute.

  • Can I take my child out for community or home visits?

    After each patient’s medical provider has given approval and the parent/caregiver has received appropriate training, trained adults are able to take patients outside for walks on the campus or to the courtyards. Therapeutic leave visits that take place off campus can be arranged for some patients. Your social worker will visit with you about the details specific to your child.

  • Can I speak to another parent about their experience?

    We offer a variety of ways for parents to connect with each other. Some of these include support groups, Family Connections (which will connect you to another family with similar needs), and the Family Advisory Council. Your social worker will be able to provide more details and information.

  • Can I pay my bill online?

    Yes, you can make online payments at

  • Can I pay my bill over the phone?

    Yes, you can call 405-789-6711 ext. 3043 to pay your bill over the phone.

  • Who do I call if I have a question about my account?

    You can call 405-440-6702 for billing related questions about your account.

  • Do you accept my insurance?

    We accept most major commercial insurance plans and Oklahoma Medicaid. For specifics on your plan, please contact your health insurance for in-network providers.