National Women Physicians Day

February 3rd is National Women Physicians Day! We are fortunate to have an exceptional team of women physicians who contribute their distinct talents, skills, knowledge, compassion, and care to our Bethany Children’s team.

As a woman in medicine, Dr. Amber Stocco is also a mom to two daughters, Emerald and Amethyst. She says, “I have highly encouraged STEM careers for my daughters, whether that is a physician, an engineer (like their dad), geologist (they both are named after rocks) or something else.”

Dr. Stocco highlights that both girls share a love for music and art. She has actively encouraged them to appreciate the order, mathematics, and science that underlie the beauty of the arts.

“Whatever they choose, we have talked about happiness resulting from feeling you are making a difference for others with your God-given talents instead of just making money,” she shares. “I feel as a physician I do make an impact in my patients’ lives, and that has made my own career very meaningful.”

Dr. Deepti Chrusciel echoes that sentiment when talking about her own daughters, saying, “If either of my daughters were called to pursue a career in medicine, I would encourage them to be intentional in their journey and never forget that it is a privilege to serve others.”

In reflecting on her own career path, she says, “I was able to achieve my career goals in medicine by developing relationships with strong women physician leaders and colleagues who supported me in my challenges as well as my accomplishments.”

National Women Physicians Day serves as a reminder of the substantial impact women doctors make in advancing healthcare. It emphasizes the crucial need to ensure that young women aspiring to serve others through medical careers have equal opportunities to pursue their goals in the future.

Please join us in celebrating our women physicians!

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