ZeroG 3D System: First in a Pediatric Hospital

We are excited to announce that patients at Bethany Children’s Health Center now have breakthrough access to technology that allows them to move freely around a room of up to 500 square feet while their therapists focus exclusively on gait, balance and functional activities of daily living, including a range of real-world scenarios or stepping strategies.

There are only two ZeroG 3D machines in use worldwide. The technology was created by the world leader in robotic body-weight systems, Aretech, and the company calls it a “three-dimensional body weight support system.” The first system was installed in the Baltimore area. The second, and the only installation at a pediatric hospital, is at Bethany Children’s. You can find the ZeroG 3D in the fourth-floor gym of the bed tower. It will be accessible to both inpatients and outpatients. 

This became a reality through a generous donation to the hospital from the Mabee Foundation, specifically allocated for rehab equipment.

“ZeroG 3D marks a pivotal breakthrough for pediatric rehabilitation at Bethany Children’s Health Center. As one of just two machines of its kind globally, our installation represents a significant advancement in pediatric care,” said Becky Vogt, Chief of Rehabilitation and Education. “As the only inpatient pediatric rehabilitation facility in Oklahoma, we’re committed to leveraging innovative technologies to maximize the potential of every patient we serve.”

This advanced technology allows patients near-full range of movement with different support levels and frees physical therapists from having to hold up and support patients while they relearn how to move safely and correctly.

The patient remains upright, and falls are not a concern with Zero G 3D because patients are fully supported from a constantly adjusting robotic frame above, giving them the ability to move without fear. Patients can even utilize a treadmill while attached to Zero G 3D, increasing their potential rehabilitation gains.

We are sure this cutting-edge technology will offer our therapists the opportunity to serve our patients in new and exciting ways, providing unmatched quality in rehabilitation therapy.

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