The Journey of Motherhood

Steiner Family

Aislinn Steiner is on a life-changing journey – motherhood.  The mom of three – ages 10, 8 and 6 – has learned that parenting has transformed her, and enriched her life in ways she never expected. “Becoming a mother isn’t something that happens from the moment you see the first ultrasound, or even the day of your first baby’s birth, but it is a transformation that happens in the hardest of times and the sweetest of times,” she says. “Motherhood is something I have wanted for as long as I can remember, but it is so much better than I ever could have imagined.”

Mother's DayTwo of Aislinn’s children have special needs and she has learned to trust her “mama gut” and advocate for her kids. “Parenting kids with special needs has taught me that you are the voice of your child. If you don’t speak up, then who will? And if you don’t feel heard, find someone who will listen,” she advises.

Aislinn came to Bethany Children’s Health Center Outpatient Clinic wanting to be heard when it came to her children’s healthcare needs. “From the first visit, I knew God had led us to where we were supposed to be,” she shares. “In a short amount of time, we had referrals to specialists, evaluations, and answers. I will always look back on that moment in my parenting journey and know that’s where things changed for me as a mother.” Aislinn now feels empowered, knowing that when one of her children has a need or is struggling, she has a team from the hospital supporting her.

Being a mom has instilled Aislinn with confidence and the knowledge that parenting is not about perfection. She knows that God gives moms the strength to do what needs to be done each day, and it’s enough. Having faced unexpected challenges and the struggles that all moms experience, Aislinn shares these words of encouragement, “If I were able to reach out to other mothers and encourage them on Mother’s Day, the first thing I would say to them is that you are each doing an amazing job. No one can be perfect, and your kids don’t expect perfection. They won’t look back at all the things you did wrong when they are grown – they will see you as the perfect mom you were in their eyes.”

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