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ADL Specialist

Activities of Daily Living (ADL) Specialist Hannah Bockelman is more than an employee at Bethany Children’s Health Center – she is a former patient.

At age 16, Hannah’s life changed after she was left with severe spinal cord injuries following a car wreck. There was a six-hour surgery to fuse her spinal cord, and doctors were not sure she would ever walk again.

Hannah spent a little over a week at OU Health and then transferred to Bethany Children’s, where she worked on strength and endurance, learning to walk again, learning to get dressed with her brace, feeding herself and brushing her teeth.

“The people who work at Bethany Children’s care so deeply for what they are doing,” Hanna said. “They were able to make me feel so secure in a time that was so lifechanging for me. I had incredible people who were encouraging me every day throughout my recovery. It gave me the motivation to pursue occupational therapy so that I could one day give someone more hope throughout their recovery.”

As an ADL Specialist, Hannah has the unique experience of helping patients who have had experiences similar to hers, and the opportunity to work alongside the professionals who guided her recovery when she was a patient at Bethany Children’s.

Hannah Bockelman

“Amber Samuel helped me write out my testimony, Melanie Milbourn was my physical therapist and encouraged me so much when I was re-learning how to walk, and so many others were such a light in some of my darkest moments,” Hannah says.

Hannah is now taking the next step in her journey, pursuing her degree in occupational therapy. “I’ve known I wanted to pursue occupational therapy since I was 16 following my recovery,” she shares. “I am so excited to help patients through their journey, because I know firsthand how difficult it can be to go through something that can change your life. I want to be that encouraging voice while helping them maintain their quality of life.”

As Hannah prepares to leave Bethany Children’s to continue pursuing her dream to become an Occupational Therapist, she shares her thoughts, saying, “It has been such an amazing experience getting to come back and work for a place that helped me get back on my feet. I adore what Bethany Children’s stands for, and how passionately everyone works to ensure that patients receive the best quality of care.”

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