Levi’s Winning Spirit

Levi Reed suffered a brain injury in March 2023 which caused both hearing and short-term memory loss, along with difficulty walking and swallowing.  During his five-month stay at Bethany Children’s he received over 1,000 cards and letters of support from all over the world after his mom, Gretchen, posted a request on social media. He also received special encouragement and visits from former OU Football Coach Bob Stoops.

One year later, Levi has made remarkable progress. He was a cross country runner before his injury and was determined to return to the sport he loves. Through his father’s work, the Oklahoma City Police Foundation purchased a treadmill for Levi to train on at home, and Gretchen reports that Levi uses the treadmill daily to work toward his goal of running again.

Levi recently placed first in the 100-meter fast walk at the Oklahoma City Special Olympics, and fifth in the Turbo Javelin event.

Levi is back in school every day and continues to receive outpatient therapy at a facility close to home, along with follow up visits at Bethany Children’s. Gretchen reports that Levi’s last swallow evaluation showed so much improvement that he is now able to try foods in addition to using a feeding tube.

“He is super happy that he can have Chick Fil-A and he definitely talks us into that often,” Gretchen says.

We are so proud of Levi and the progress he’s made. His positive spirit and determination are a true inspiration! Please join us in congratulating Levi on his accomplishments!

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