Hospital leadership changes take effect

TCCRH Leadership

We are excited to announce that two leadership changes that were announced last month take effect today, July 1, 2020. Albert Gray, who has served as the Hospital’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) since 1978, has been elected Executive Chairman of the Board for Bethany Children’s Health Center. Nico Gomez, the current Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer, moves into the role of CEO of Bethany Children’s Health Center.

“I am humbled that the board of directors has selected me to continue my service in this new role,” Gray said. “It will give me the opportunity to continue serving the hospital as I plan to strengthen our board governance and increase our endowment to support the hospital for generations to come.”­­

After 42 years as CEO of the hospital, Gray will continue his lifelong dedication to the organization by continuing to work on behalf of the hospital to raise funds and maintain strong board leadership.

“Just as God called Mattie Mallory, my sister Carol, and myself to the hospital, God called Nico to this organization at the perfect time,” Gray said. “He is a faith-filled man of God who has unique gifts and experience that will serve our organization’s mission for the benefit of our patients, families and employees.”

Prior to joining the hospital this past December, Gomez served as President and Chief Executive Officer of Care Providers Oklahoma (the state’s largest nursing home association) and enjoyed a 16-year career at the Oklahoma Health Care Authority, the state Medicaid agency.

“Albert Gray is a true servant leader and the standard of love and care he has set for us is monumental. I am honored by this opportunity to continue his momentum and the legacy of hope he has created for our children,” Gomez said.

“I am thankful that I am not alone, because Albert is not leaving the organization as he works with the board and in the community. It will be an honor for me to lead this hospital’s amazing team. The people here are incredibly special, as is the place they have chosen to serve.”

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