Faithful and Dedicated Service

Vera Doughty celebrates 31 years at Bethany Children’s Health Center and 65 years in nursing.

Vera Doughty, RN, started nursing school in 1952. A lifelong animal lover, Vera had originally wanted to be a veterinarian, but knew her small frame wouldn’t be able to handle delivering cows and horses, which was routine at that time in Oklahoma. She turned to nursing instead.

“When all the other little girls were playing with their dolls, I was out playing the with the animals. I guess you could say I was playing nurse and nursing them back to health,” she shares.

Vera’s first nursing job was at Saint Anthony’s Hospital, after which she worked for 34 years as the only nurse for two family practitioners. “Both of them were so good and they taught me a lot of what I know today,” Vera says. “One of the doctors ended up passing away and the other doctor retired, so all of the sudden, I didn’t have a job.”

That brought Vera to Bethany Children’s Health Center in 1990. After 31 years at the hospital, serving as a Staff RN and RN Supervisor, Vera still has so much energy and a passion in her heart to continue to serve others.

“A nurse has to be observant of what’s going on and they have to be interested in the patient. They have to have a real desire to take care of others,” Vera says.

Her role has changed in the last few years to that of a “float nurse,” but she continues to work 12-hour shifts on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. In this role she is assigned to multiple units to jump in and perform specific RN tasks from the worklist.  For example, she performs patient catheterizations for multiple patients throughout the hospital.

She does many other behind the scenes things when she is here as well; you’ll never find an empty blanket warmer when Vera is here.

Jessica Harris, APRN, says, “Vera is a go-getter! If you need something done, she is your lady and she will work circles around the best of us. She won’t hesitate to give constructive criticism and you will rarely see her sitting unless she is eating!”

Jessica sees generational traits that stand out in Vera, who has tackled challenges like mastering technology and computer charting. “This is a generation of amazing people who have been through more than we could ever even imagine! Work ethic and perseverance come to mind, because no matter what new challenges they face, they always work hard to come out on the other side, and with a positive attitude!”

Today Vera provides valuable support to the children and nursing department, and is a special blessing to the children and staff. In Jessica’s words, “Vera is hard-working, compassionate, and just beautiful inside and out.”

We are so grateful for Vera’s 31 years of dedication to the children in her care, and for her 65-year commitment to nursing!

“May the LORD repay you for what you have done.
May you be richly rewarded by the LORD…”

Ruth 2:12

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