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Corey Meehan

The Journey of Corey Meehan and Adaptive Equipment at Bethany Children’s

At Bethany Children’s Health Center, our employees truly are the heartbeat that drives the organization. Every day, through the care and service they provide, they live our mission of maximizing the potential of every child and exemplify our core values of compassion, integrity, excellence, service and stewardship.

We hope you enjoy getting to know our amazing employees through our Heartbeat profiles.

Bethany Children’s celebrates our Equipment and Adaptive Technology professionals this month. We acknowledge that every child is unique and deserving of individualized care and equipment that is specifically developed to maximize their potential.

Among our dedicated team is AT Equipment Technician Corey Meehan, a seasoned expert with over a decade of experience in medical equipment service and repair, seating and positioning, and electronic programming of power wheelchairs.

However, Corey’s role extends beyond the technical and mechanical aspects. He also has the opportunity to be creative in adapting equipment to meet patient needs. He recalls a time he turned a wheelchair base into a bed with fold-down body supports that allowed it to fit through an apartment door.

“The family was overjoyed,” he shares. “I love modifying equipment. The equipment we have here at Bethany Children’s helps provide these kids with mobility that they otherwise would not have. Allowing patients to move throughout the hospital, go to class, go to special activities or to Bethany Public Schools, and ultimately transition home is what makes this job so rewarding.”

For Corey, the technical and mechanical aspects are just part of the job. “The kids are the best part of this job,” he admits. “They are so special to me and any time I get to interact with them, I do. They are why I am here.”

Corey’s journey to Bethany Children’s began when he was working for a Durable Medical Equipment (DME) company that did business with our hospital. Impressed by Bethany’s unique approach in Oklahoma and its dedication to its patients, Corey envisioned himself being part of this extraordinary place.

“I grew to love how unique this place was to Oklahoma and how special it was for the patients. I remember walking down the hallway from the Complex Care Units to the Tower and thinking how great it would be to work here,” he says.

Although there were no positions available at the time, Corey filled out an application and submitted his resume anyway. “I prayed and asked God to direct my path. He did, and within a week a position opened up and I got the job. I love it here!” he shares.

If Corey could choose a superpower, it would be healing those who are hurting. Although his day-to-day work focuses on safety and mobility, it also goes a long way toward helping children and their families on their unique path to healing.

“Everyone is different, and having the tools here at Bethany Children’s to make something that will help a child achieve something that was not previously attainable is exciting.”  

Fun Facts

What’s a recent accomplishment you are proud of? “Being elected as Deacon at my church.”

Pets: Two dogs – Nikki and Lucy (aka Big Fat Dog), 2 grand puppies (Thea and Squirtle) and a grand kitty named Peaches.

Favorite ways to spend free time: Church activities, hunting and bowling

Favorite sport & team: Hockey – Colorado Avalanche

Best book you’ve read lately:  The Thing Is by Rivers Houseal

Favorite food: “Anything my wife cooks.”

From the Bucket List: Take a trip to Israel

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