Bike and Pedestrian Safety

Learn more about Safe Kids Oklahoma Bike and Pedestrian Safety programs and request a program at your school or organization. For general program information or questions, please contact:

Katie Barton, M.Ed.
Injury Prevention Specialist
405.789.6711 ext. 1929

Program Overviews + Scheduling

  • Interactive Bike + Pedestrian Course

    The interactive bike and pedestrian course focuses on 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade students, teaching pedestrian safety, how to cross the street safely, railroad safety, driveway and parking lot safety, bike and helmet safety. The course requires a large area such as a gym and 45 minutes set up time for the course. Depending on the program and class size, allow for 40-50 minutes. Multiple class groups can be scheduled throughout the morning or afternoon. Three to six volunteers are needed to assist in leading the course stations.  To request this program, please click here.

  • Bike + Pedestrian Safety Classroom Presentation

    The bike and pedestrian safety classroom presentation consists of a PowerPoint presentation based on an interactive course. This program can be done in a classroom setting with activities and educational safety materials. To request the classroom presentation, please click here.

  • Bike Rodeo

    The bike rodeo is a great way for kids and their parents to learn about biking safety with practice. Kids bring their own bikes to the event, where they can practice and develop skills that will help them to become better bicyclists and avoid typical crashes. Rodeos can be designed as large municipal events with skills activities, exhibits and games, or as smaller events that require less space, fewer resources and a smaller number of volunteers.

    For more information on scheduling a bike rodeo, please contact Katie Barton, M.Ed. at 405.789.6711 ext. 1929.

  • Bike + Pedestrian Safety Booth or Table

    Safe Kids Oklahoma representatives engage with kids and adults to share safety information, resources and materials. To request a booth or table at your event, please click here.