CareSource Oklahoma donates for Adaptive Recreation Field

Adaptive Ball Field

The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital is now Bethany Children’s Health Center.

The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital received a $100,000 donation from CareSource Oklahoma for the new adaptive recreation field. The adaptive outfield and play area is part of a $4.7 million project for a new Activities for Daily Living (ADL) center where children of differing abilities can explore, experiment and practice all of life’s important skills in a safe and realistic environment. The ADL center will be further enhanced by the multipurpose youth sports and adaptive recreation area designed specifically for children with special needs.

“We are honored to partner with The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital and contribute to making this recreational area a reality,” said Bill Baker, CareSource Oklahoma CEO and Market Leader. “Making an investment that will support and promote the well-being and quality of life for so many in our community is important to us as we continue to support the hospital’s expansion plans.”

In an effort to offer opportunities for special needs children to participate in outdoor sports and recreation, the hospital is developing the adaptive field and recreation area, so that all children are able to experience the benefits of outside play. This recreation area will be accessible for those children who otherwise would not have the opportunity to experience the joy of taking the field to play ball, enjoying a splash pad on a warm summer day, or soaring through the air on a playground swing. The outdoor recreation area is a vital part of a larger vision of offering safe and accessible opportunities for all children to play, learn, and grow.

“The positive impact the ADL center and the multipurpose field and recreation area will have on children throughout the region will be remarkable and unprecedented,” said Josh L. Trimble, Executive Vice President and Chief of Foundation Management, The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital. “Through the generosity of our corporate partners, we look forward to the successful opening of the center and furthering the hospital’s mission of equipping children with special health needs to blossom in new and meaningful ways.”

The plan for the recreation area includes establishing an all-accessible multipurpose baseball field, a water splash pad and a general playground area with adaptive swings specifically designed for children with wheelchairs.

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