Adaptive Recreation and Fine Arts Complex

The Adaptive Recreation and Fine Arts Complex at Bethany Children’s Health Center offers children of differing abilities opportunities to explore, experiment and practice all of life’s important skills in a safe and realistic environment, building confidence and independence.

The complex is utilized to prepare children for community re-entry after an accident or a change in independence level, as well as providing children who have been in a medical environment for an extended period of time with opportunities to participate in community and recreational activities.

Mattie Town

Mattie Town

Mattie Town enhances rehabilitation therapy by allowing children and their families to practice in specially designed, simulated environments they will encounter outside of the hospital. Whether it is practicing Activities of Daily Living in a realistic home setting, mastering different types of transportation, or navigating shops and restaurants, patients and their families can problem-solve and foster independence here. Mattie Town includes:

  • House with living room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom
  • Car and bus
  • Sidewalk, patio, and other outdoor surfaces
  • Café, retail store, concession stand

Recreation & Fine Arts

The Adaptive Recreation and Fine Arts Complex gives children the opportunity to experience aquatic therapy, dance, sensory stimulation, arts and crafts, and adaptive sports. The facility offers individual and group activities to enhance social skills, as well as utilizing art and recreation to encourage motor skills, sensory exploration, and creativity. Recreation and Fine Arts facilities include:

  • Hydroworx aquatic therapy pool
  • Indoor gym
  • Art studio
  • Dance studio
  • Performance stage
  • Sensory room
  • Recording studio
  • Greenhouse
Recreation and Fine Arts
Miracle Stadium

Miracle Stadium

Recreation and play are essential in the healing process for children. Miracle Stadium is an all-accessible, multipurpose baseball field. Plans include a water splash pad and a playground area with adaptive swings specifically designed for children with wheelchairs. Outdoor recreation facilities include:

  • Adaptive, all-access baseball field
  • State of the art scoreboard system
  • Splashpad (coming soon)
  • Adaptive playground (coming soon)