Aaron Bullock’s Story

“Don’t Miss One Time!” – The story of a life giving back

Aaron Bullock has a message for kids, “Don’t miss one time!”

At age 13, Aaron experienced a severe, traumatic brain injury. A Boy Scout, avid sports fan and basketball player prior to the accident, Aaron thought his life was going one way when it took a tumble and turned out very differently. Life literally turned upside down when the 4-wheeler he was riding skidded on a sandy road and flipped over. Aaron wasn’t wearing a helmet.

Medi Flight of Oklahoma transported Aaron to a trauma ICU where he fought for his life. Doctors were able to stabilize him, but his injuries were so severe that he spent two months in the ICU, was unresponsive and was given little hope of recovery. With a poor prognosis and seemingly insurmountable odds, the trauma hospital sent Aaron to Bethany Children’s Health Center in Bethany, OK.

Still unresponsive, the doctors, nurses and therapists began working with Aaron. There was very little progress at first, but a persistent and committed medical team cheered him on every day. He had to relearn everything! Through daily therapies he slowly began to walk, talk and eat again. Six months after the accident, Aaron still wasn’t speaking, but one day during music therapy he began to sing. His joy bubbled over as did the joy of his therapists and entire team. Aaron was beating the odds!

After living at Bethany Children’s for two years, he was able to go home to continue recovering. Aaron returned to Scouting, became an Eagle Scout, and graduated from high school. His vision is still impaired and he can’t use his left arm, but this self-proclaimed “ladies man” has the biggest, most contagious smile you will see.

Aaron says God has given him new purpose and a unique platform from which to speak. He travels to groups of kids, sharing his life-giving message of helmet safety. He encourages them to wear a helmet every time, and says emphatically, “Don’t miss one time!”