A Journey of Hope and Advocacy

Josh L. Trimble

From personal experience to professional commitment, how Josh L. Trimble’s story shapes his role at Bethany Children’s

Josh L. Trimble’s relationship with Bethany Children’s Health Center began in 2019, when his daughter, Opal Rose, was diagnosed with Acute Flaccid Myelitis (AFM), a one-in-a-million disease, and was treated here.

Josh recalls, “Initially, Bethany Children’s was life-saving for Opal, offering her care and resources early on that saved and sustained her life. And in the following (almost) five years, the hospital has been life-changing as we have worked consistently with doctors and therapists here to help Opal continue optimally in her rehabilitation journey.”

Being involved with Bethany Children’s has also been a journey for Josh, who now serves as Chief of Foundation Management, a multi-faceted role that includes offering strategic leadership and direction for foundation management, fundraising initiatives, donor relations, grant-making activities and community engagement.

“Ultimately, my role is driven by a commitment to advance the hospital’s mission to serve children with complex medical needs, be a champion of hope and to share the ‘good news’ that is the ministry of the hospital to the glory of God,” Josh shares.

The Trimble family’s personal experience with the hospital has given Josh and intimate connection that fuels his passion and dedication to effectively communicate the organization’s mission, values and impact to others.

“In sharing my family’s experience, I strive to convey the profound difference the organization has made in our lives and the lives of countless others,” Josh says. “I share stories of resilience, healing and transformation that illustrate the tangible impact the hospital has on the intellectual, spiritual and physical growth in the life of a family.”

As part of our feature, we spoke with Josh about the significance of Black History Month and its role in promoting inclusivity.

Josh emphasized the importance of Black History Month, noting that the celebration serves as a reminder that the advancement of Black history is essential to the foundation of American history, and offers an opportunity to augment Black voices, educate others about the profound impact of Black leaders and movements, and reflect on the ongoing progress of ethnological equality.

Josh remarked, “By recognizing and honoring Black history, we are acknowledging the resilience, contributions, and humanity of Black individuals and communities. This fosters a more inclusive and empathetic society, benefiting not only the present but also future generations. From a perspective of faith, Christ calls for all nations to be unified unto him. That includes America. By collectively celebrating our cultural authenticities, we are fulfilling our Nation’s fundamental pledge to take a stand together as ‘one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.’”

We are grateful to have Josh at Bethany Children’s, where he plays a vital role in sharing the good news of what the Lord is doing here with our donors and the community.

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