A Decade of Love + Teaching – A Valentine’s Day Story

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The Evans’ enduring love + professional journey

Valentine’s Day may come and go, but enduring relationships built on a strong foundation of faith are to be celebrated. For one Bethany Children’s couple, a meeting through a college ministry in Norman led to five years of friendship (and working together at Mardel) before dating and marriage. Now Kara and Matt Evans, both special education teachers at Bethany Children’s, are looking forward to celebrating their tenth wedding anniversary and enjoying life with their children, Jensen (two) and Liam (almost five).

“Life is great! Our relationship right now at ten years of marriage is one we are proud of,” says Kara. “We work as a team, we make each other laugh, and we still do all those little things to remind each other how we feel.”

Kara began teaching at Bethany Children’s in August 2019, and less than a year later, Matt joined the education team.

“It wasn’t even a question for Matt,” Kara shares. “He knew how much I loved my job, and I knew he’d love working here.”

Matt admits that sharing the same occupation at the same hospital with Kara has been an amazing opportunity.

“Working in a hospital has its blessings and challenges. It’s great because we know that we can support each other through each situation,” he says.

Being able to see each other in passing is a way for the couple to check in with each other, and Matt and Kara are happy to collaborate whenever they’re given the opportunity. They also eat lunch together on most days.

“It’s always fun when we cross paths at work. Surprisingly, it doesn’t happen as often as one might expect. We tend to immerse ourselves in our own tasks for the day, leading us in different directions. But when the opportunity arises for collaboration, we take it!” Matt says.

Kara sees their role as educators at Bethany Children’s as a unique opportunity.

“Working at Bethany Children’s has taken our careers in teaching to a whole new level,” she shares. “This isn’t something most teachers get to do, and it’s an honor to work here. Working in such a unique position and serving the patients we do has brought a lot of fulfillment in both of our careers. Working here is not just a job, it’s a passion and it’s exciting to share that passion with each other.”

Ten years into marriage, Matt and Kara have much to appreciate about each other. For Matt, choosing his favorite thing about Kara is a challenge.

“How do you pick when there are so many wonderful things? That’s like trying to pick out your favorite star in the sky,” he shares. “If I am forced to pick one thing, I would say her kindness. She is one of the most thoughtful people you will ever know.”

Kara loves the fact that Matt is sentimental and has a great sense of humor.

“He never fails to make me laugh,” she admits. “I also love how he keeps me grounded. I can always count on him to know the right thing to say in any situation.”

While marriage and raising a family can be difficult at times, the couple says it’s also amazing. They attribute the success of their marriage to keeping God at the center of their relationship and decision-making, and also say, “Following Jesus’ example of grace and forgiveness can go a long way in a relationship.”

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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