A Bethany Children’s Love Story

Bethany Children’s plays a major role in the love story of employees, KJ and Rebecca.

Once upon a time, a freshman student at the University of Oklahoma (OU) had an early morning Personal Health class. He decided that 8 a.m. was just too early for class and tried to change his schedule. Luckily for him, he was unable to find a new class time, so he dragged himself to class. When he walked in, he saw the most beautiful girl in the world.

Kevin Johnson, who we all know as KJ, ended up marrying that beautiful girl, named Rebecca. They now have a growing family. Carter is almost two, and new daughter Piper is one month old.

KJ is still smitten with Rebecca’s beauty and more, saying, “Rebecca is without a doubt the world’s best mom, is smart, and is a genuine person. She cares so much about others and is always willing to go out of her way to help others. She is incredibly organized, and I can confidently say that without her we would take 17 trips to the grocery store and I would still forget things. She deals with all my antics/crazy ideas, and most importantly is my partner in crime at all OU events! BOOMER!”

It’s no surprise that Rebecca says there is never a dull moment with KJ. “I love that he is outgoing, never meets a stranger, and makes everything more fun. He is a fun and entertaining dad.”

Bethany Children’s plays a major role in this love story as well.  KJ, an inpatient occupational therapist, started at the Hospital in 2017, and Rebecca followed as an outpatient physical therapist in 2019.

Faith is a big part of their lives, and KJ says, “What really drew us to Bethany Children’s is the opportunity to work with and impact the lives of so many amazing children, as well as do so in a workplace that encourages us and builds everyone up through faith. Our faith is a big part of our lives, and being able to share that faith and grow with others in our workplace has been incredible and such a blessing!”

The Hospital has become a home base and extended family for KJ and Rebecca. “Bethany Children’s shows that they truly care about us as people, and not just as employees,” KJ explains.  I have no family in Oklahoma, and my wife has only a grandmother and uncle, yet we can’t ever see ourselves leaving Oklahoma because of Bethany Children’s. This hospital is our home away from home, and the amazing people here are our family!”

Both therapists have a heart for working with children, and sharing this experience allows them to lean on each other with understanding in the tough times. KJ says the list of good things about working at the same place is endless.

“Before we had kids, it was awesome being able to ride together to and from work. It’s always nice to be at the same place and getting to see each other throughout the day, but at the same time, specializing in different therapies allows us to be in different places throughout the hospital. It’s fun getting to participate in dress-up days together as well!”

Chance meetings on the Hospital campus are fun for both, and they like surprising each other by leaving treats on each other’s desks. KJ jokes that the only downside is that when he tries to sneak into the cafeteria for lunch instead of eating the bag lunch Rebecca packs for him, word always gets back to Rebecca.

The family’s love story continues with their son Carter’s devotion to baby sister, Piper. KJ reports that Carter is gentle and wants Piper close by at all times, saying, “Come baby!” The small but mighty Piper is thriving at home and growing more each and every day. KJ sums it up by saying, “The two of them are our whole world, and we could not be more blessed!”

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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